About Spruce

We create digital products and brands that work

Spruce is a full service digital agency with roots in forward-thinking ideas and innovation.

We love building great ideas with cutting edge technologies and showstopping design.

We believe that if a great idea isn’t brought to life with passion and perfection, then it will go to waste.

The digital product specialists.

A digital product can be anything from a simple one page website all the way up to a full scale social platform or complex mobile application.

The keys to a successful digital product are a user-centric design, creating a utility or highly engaging experience, and a hook that gets people coming back.

Startup thinking to businesses of all sizes.

Spruce has a strong track record of turning new ideas into thriving startups, and small businesses into larger ones.

Our working background has provided us unique insights in how to leverage digital design and development with maximum efficiency and for maximum impact.

Our Ethos

Never Waste

Don’t waste time, resources or brainpower pursuing fruitless avenues or broken ideas. Measure twice and cut once.

Keep Moving

Work agile. Pivot when necessary. The market moves at light speed so we do too.

Always Listen

Every product decision we make should be supported with data and testimonials from current or potential users.

Stack Up

Use the latest full-stack technologies to create products that stack up to the needs of users today and tomorrow.

Be Addictive

The products we develop should be addictive enough to get users hooked and always coming back.

Show Off

If every piece of work we create isn’t worth showing off to everyone we know, then it isn’t worth creating.

Work with us.

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